"Anak saya penat lah aunty Tina!"

The aunty Tina above is my mom.

And that was the conversation my mother had with our neighbour earlier this morning.

My neighbour, who enrolled both her children to a nearby Chinese orientated school, claims that her kids are forced to take up additional classes by the school teachers after school hours. This is apparently organised by the school.

The neighbour also added that one of the teacher claims that her children are weak in their Bahasa Melayu and suggested that they come for extra classes at the teacher's house.

"Tuition dua kali. Pagi pergi sekolah, lepas itu tuition, malam lagi tuition. Homework banyak. Anak saya penat-lah aunty Tina," said my neighbour followed by a huge sigh.

"Why must have extra classes? Aren't teachers teaching in school these days? What about sports?" my mom asked.

"Tak tau." was the reply.

What happened to the falsafah pendidikan kebangsaan "...untuk mewujudkan insan yang seimbang dan harmonis dari segi intelek, rohani, emosi dan jasmani..."

You be the judge.

HD says: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


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