A mystical stadium

The Putra Stadium is certainly mystical in its own way.

For one, it has a leaky roof that has yet to pour on any VVIPs head. It has yet to be repaired for more than 6 months with a big plastic like bag located at the top.

Also, it has seen athletes and coaches getting emotional - as per my article A Mystical Venue in today's Mailsports.

The Malaysia Open also saw a supposed lady 'Datuk' throwing her weight to get passes and sit at the VIP seating.

In most Europe countries, VIPs make it a point to pay for tickets and sit with the real fans and not expect handouts. Here, the more richer they are, the more lokek they are when it comes to spending money. Maybe that's their secret of getting rich - sting!

HD says: At least there was a good turnout at the stadium. Paid or unpaid tickets, that I wouldn't know.


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