Website sudah maju

Not bad lah!

That was my first impression when I checked the FA of Malaysia (FAM) website for the Super League results on Saturday.

They were updated right after the matches ended. Kira not bad lah.

In the past, journalists were forced to either call team officials or rely on betting sites to get the latest results of the matches. Most dailies need the results ASAP as their deadlines are tight (by 11.00pm). It doesn't help that the matches start at 8.45pm.

I now do hope to see the names of the goal scorers and the minutes they scored. After all, that is what being professional is all about no?

HD says: Credit ought to be given when deserved.


  1. What's so maju when the intro page still carries the TM MSL logo?

  2. cluelessinkl...correct, correct, correct! hehe

  3. hahaha..hari pertama saja no 2 untuk semua pasukan hari ni tak update..
    or maybe semua dah pi balik kampung for the raya perhaps?

  4. Waduh, fail, fail!


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