Road to nowhere?

I hate sounding crude or skeptical. Honestly.

I wish I could just write sugar coated stuff. It's so much easier and less taxing to the brains. Seriously.

I was at the launch of the Sports Industry at Casa 1 in Bukit Jalil earlier today. Right after Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek addressed the Media, a couple of my fellow journalists came up to me and said:

"Wah another potential money making scheme. I wonder who will be supplying the winter jackets for the Summer Olympics?"

I cheekily told them: "We are stupid. We should just set up a company, buy pasar malam shirts, get them printed with whatever logo that is associated with the programme, get funds from the ministry and then sell it at 10 times the cost price. Good money what."

Another reporter added: "So then can make more trips to UK lah. But, we cannot write anything (controversial) because got logo-buy."

Oh well.

UPDATE: (Jan 26, 2011 - 12.35pm) As the Beatles sand it's a Long and winding road. (as published in Mailsports)

HD says: I believe in the concept of promoting a bustling sports industry. But I also believe it should be done on a level playing field. And a good sports industry includes having GOOD facilities.


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