A waste of time?

That seems to be the feeling among sports journos who have been waiting at Wisma KBS, hoping for BA of Malaysia president Nadzmi Salleh to speak about the current fiasco enveloping the scene.

Only Shabery met the Press with Nadzmi no where to be seen.

Shabery will meet national coach Misbun Sidek for dinner later. It looks like Mr Minister is playing mediator although he stressed that the "BAM should solve this matter internally".

Was Shabery referring to this report when he said that Nadzmi didn't want to meet the Media "for fear his words will be misconstrued again?"


UPDATE (5.00pm): 1. Minister to find out more from the Malaysian Karate Federation (Makaf) about the expulsion of its long time national coach P.Arivalagan.

2. Makaf to hold meeting in Malacca tonight. Exponents will continue to meet Makaf president Mohd Ali Rustam (who is also Malacca chief minister) tomorrow morning.

3. PM Najib Tun Razak will host the national football squad to a luncheon at Sri Perdana on Jan 12. He could announce the rewards instored for the team.

HD says: To Shabery and Misbun, can I suggest we meet up for supper at BIFC in Bukit Indah, Ampang? :)


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