Playing abroad

1970s - We had the likes of Chow Chee Keong (pic) and the son of coffee-shop owner Wong Choon Wah playing in Hong Kong. Chee Keong is still remembered until today as the 'Asian Stainless Steel Gate' or 'Crazy Sword'.

1999 - 2001 - Akmal Rizal Rakhli, the lad from Jitra Kedah who was once the poster boy of Malaysian football, enjoyed stints with French teams RC Strasbourg and FCSR Haguenau.

2010 - Puchong-lad Stanley Bernard Stephen Samuel, who was once mistaken as pemain import KL (I don't know how that happened but it did, lol), played for India's Sporting Clube de Goa.

There's nothing new when it comes to Malaysian players playing abroad. So what's the big fuss?

HD says: Go and explore the world.


  1. Malaysian player need to be more adventurous jangan feel so complacent staying in Malaysia. Its will be your personal benefit. Its just like having additional credential in their CV.The problem is dia orang ni termakan dengan pujuk rayu FA Negeri yang tidak mahu pemain keluar. FAM should be more proactive in placing the players. This is what Japan FA has done. They are the one who arrange their players to the club that is interested rather than the players look for the club or some irresponsible agent. The player need guidence and help.

  2. in order for our players to be world class they need to go out and play in other parts of the world. What is wrong with fam??

  3. i can't post my comment to reply to "anak perak" in MM so i guess here will do ;

    u r such an idiot! don't u know that more than half of the singapore's squad now play their trades in indonesia league. there is no denying that indonesia league is the best in asean at the moment in terms of competitiveness, foreign talents, terrace culture and the fact that their clubs qualify to asia champions league. get ur facts right yob. u r another example of sudden emergence of football experts in malaysia after aff cup triumph. people like u will bring everything down in this country. c*nt!

    p/s the quality of the league and performance of the national team are 2 separate things. classic example ; EPL and England.

    davd, KLC

  4. Author's note:
    Here's the comment left by Anak Perak on the Malay Mail website:

    "Agreed. Playing in Vietnam and Indonesia will not make Safee progress, rather you will find your skills and development retarded. At least playing in Singapore will be more competitive. You can also choose to play in Japan, Korea or China. This is more near home and their standards are much higher than us. Please do not imagine playing in Europe yet. However good you are now in South East Asia, is still not enough to consider playing there. Ofcourse money must also be good!

    Submitted by Anak Perak on Monday, January 3rd, 2011."

  5. jeng jeng forgot the famous Titus la brahhh

  6. Haresh;

    Check this out :

    Sharing is caring!

  7. FAM is small minded.

    But our players are worst! Too scared to leave home. To make sacrifices. I met several Malaysian players in the UK, just after couple of days, nak balik, rindu. WTF? And dont just go to PL, we are just not good enough, yet.

    Try J-league, K-League, middle east! Learn!

  8. FAM is useless!!!! When I was studying in the UK, I trained with a conference team, Oxford United, for fun. I just pop in and ask if I can just jog around the field and have a kick about. (as I used to play for selangor youth and VI before opted to do my studies instead).

    During the kick about, the coach asked me to join them every evening after my classes. He spotted something. And I did just that. Trained with them, in the freezing cold, against big feisty players. I can see he likes my fast and quick feet and compose passes, rather than long balls players. He was interested for me to play in the reserve at first and asked me if I ever had professional experiences.

    This is when it gets painful. In order for him to sign me up, he needs to contact FAM and enquire about my playing license. I need to be registered with my country. They have 2 weeks deadline to do it, they faxed, and called, but to no avail. No response. In the end, I ended up playing only friendly games with the lad for two years and train as my passion is football, but of course Im there to finish my studies.

    What Im trying to say is, IF, our players have the guts to make it on their own, they are more than capable. Malaysians are technical gifted even though we are small, but sadly, we are more of a 'jaguh kampung'.


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