Sorry, no comment & Hail Captain Azlan

That is the response journalists will get by the Malaysian Karate Federation officials and exponents alike until Jan 25.

Makaf held a meeting in Malacca late last night that ended in the wee hours of the morning (3.30am I was told).

My Sentul mate R.Puvaneswaran joined a delegation of exponents to Malacca earlier this morning only to be told "don't say anything to the Press till this matter is discussed with the National Sports Council on Jan 25."

Puva and Co will surely console themselves by feasting on the famous chicken rice balls at Jonker Street.

Mailsports reporter Vijhay Vick, who has been up throughout the night, has the story.

Also in Mailsports today is national squash player Azlan Iskandar turning into an army Captain!

HD says: I love the Nyonya style Assam Pedas ikan tenggiri. And Azlan, those military Landrover Defenders are awesome. Can I get a used one at a good price? Hehe


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