That's not a number plate of a car. Rest assured.

That was what I uttered when I read the Moral Education (Form 1) text book earlier today.

I was helping out my neighbour's child who clearly was not keen of doing the homework and had no clue what it was all about. I don't blame her.

Here it goes:

Unit 1 Keunikan Alam Ciptaan Tuhan.

"Alam dijadikan oleh Tuhan untuk kemudahan dan kegunaan manusia. Manusia merupakan kejadian teristimewa berbanding dengan makhluk lain yang dicipta Tuhan. Manusia hanya satu daripada jutaan jenis dan spesies makhluk hidup yang lain.

Tuhan menganugerahi manusia dengan anggota yang tersusun rapi dan wajah yang menarik."

Kalau I komen nanti, ramai orang tersinggung pulak. But seriously, is this what we're feeding our younger generation? Can we blame them for despising our education system?

I believe we can do better.

Just read what a fifth former has got to say about learning in a public school. Enough, she says.

HD says: Pendidikan moral yang lawak siot!


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