'Ke mana perginya RM330 juta duit Dunhill dulu?'

Sokernet believes that all the money in the world would mean nothing if the FA of Malaysia do not get its structure right. Read the full article here and you be the judge.

My only association with Dunhill till today is my KL jersey (pic). Sadly, the colour is too tangy for me to don it outside the four walls of my room.

A little bird (but no so little in size) once told me that Carlsberg wanted to pump in Ringgit to Ringgit of what Dunhill used to fund. But it was shot down for obvious reasons. Is it true? I wonder...

Well, thanks Ejoi for highlighting the article to Foul!. Sharing is indeed caring.

HD says: I would also like to know where did the millions of funds go to? Anyone care to answer? Hmm...


  1. duit, duit, dimana kau duit...duit, duit, hutang ku berbukit....


    ke mana?...1 good question...the only answer is "nowhere"...

  2. Ello Epain dan selamat tahun baru!
    hutang aku pun berbukit la..haha

  3. hi haresh, hope u're well. wanna ask if u're interested to sell this tangy coloured jersey? would like to add it to my beloved KL jerseys collection. thanks haresh

    1. Hi Hakim, I know it's a collectors item and I'm keeping it for now. :)


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