Ah, the Auditor General's Report

Also in contention was the RM2.94 million spent by the ministry in the promotion and publicity of National Youth Day 2012.

The report notes that RM1,111,927 was spent just on promotion and publicity while another RM1.6 million was spent on paying the K-Pop artistes UKiss, and Teen-Top and Dal Shabet.

The ministry also spent RM42,500 for 17 units of "robot-themed boards", RM42,466 for the accommodation of journalists and a hi-tea reception at the Marriot Hotel in Putrajaya, and another RM107,500 for bloggers to promote the event.

It has been noted as "high expenditure" by the auditor-general.

Read more here and here.

Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin assured action will be taken against those who waste tax payer's money.

HD says: I still remember the previous audits on an agency within the ministry...


  1. KBS, seems to always be in the limelight, whenever auditors reports are out most of the time - sadly for some bad and sick reasons.
    Why are these bad and sick activities are being repeated, year after year?? Are they simply shameless,? knowing that the public will eventually come to know.
    Why are they still doing it, and what is the gov 's stand??
    Are they simply closing their eyes and ears and letting such sickness(misuse taxpayers money) to continue??

    It comes to show how, badly cultured are we when comes to governance - repetition at the highest order.
    Who should be blamed for all these - our politics or the man on the street??
    For me, its obviously the political doctrine that we practice, are the main reasons for losing one's pride and dignity by doing so.

    Well, lets wait and see, what is to come out off all these findings, and how the people at the top going to address the issues - looking forward anxiously as taxpayer.

    HSKL says: Old habits seems to die very-very hard in this blessed country called Malaysia - MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

  2. Actions must be taken against those who wasted our money! Please no more BS excuses and don't blame the sea as well.



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