Hats off Zol

I will eat the humble pie.

For I had earlier assumed that the National Sports Council (NSC) will cry in misery if their golden goose (Lee Chong Wei that is) decides to leave the BA of Malaysia.

That would result in the Sports Ministry not having any 'hand' in Chong Wei's achievements.

But judging by the tone of NSC director general Zolkples Embong (pic) here, I am surprised - pleasantly surprised.

I am all for players to turn professional and that national associations be focused towards aiding the masses, developing talents at the grassroots and organising more activities for all and not just the elite few.

I guess Zolkples summed it up well. To quote him:

"If the players like Chong Wei can benefit from training outside, why not? The association should be open and allow them to become independent players."

HD says: Time for sports and sportsmen to be liberal.


  1. 1st time you agreed with him

  2. Zol is the master of disguise. Dont trust him :)

  3. Ask those who worked with Zol (current or before)/ Noc. They'll agree with Anon 4:48 ...
    The only way Malaysian sports to go ahead is without Zol.. Just wondering Zol's reaction when meet Mazlan. Zol's WAS Mazlan's protege :)

  4. banyak Anon kutuk Zol. yg peliknya apa bukti yg Malaysian sports boleh go ahead without Zol? kalau ada bahan panas cerita la. apa malu malu? Hehehehehe

  5. Mazlan boleh cerita?


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