Amirah's great leap; footballers 'lack' bacis.

Finally some good news in the athletics scene.

Noor Amirah Nafiah set a new national record in the women's triple jump event in the Malaysian Open Athletics Championships with a jump of 13.9m.

She erased the eight-year old record of 13.74m previously held by Ngew Siew Mei.

Meanwhile, the Malaysia Cup first leg semi final match between Kelantan and Selangor last night drew some interesting comments.

The commentators and fans were clearly shocked that the players failed to execute proper throw-ins on several occasions during the game.

A commentator went on to say; "It's the basics....."

That aside, Kelantan managed a slim 1-0 victory over the Red Giants.

HD says: Who will make it to the Malaysia Cup final?


  1. One commentator also said kad merah terus or straight red card. Ha Ha Ha

  2. Tak perasan la Haresh. Player tu budak SSBJ ke atau siapa? At least kalau bukan budak SSBJ tu kita kena faham la kat sekolah tu tauliah macam mana cikgu sekolah kita.

    Tapi sepatutnya teknik dalam bola yang sudah jadi tabiat buruk (habit) tu sepatutnya dicuci buang semasa mereka di Piala Presiden lagi.



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