Awani's first Google Hangout

Astro Awani's Digital Media team organised Awani's first Google Hangout: Budget 2013 yesterday.

It was a great learning experience for the team and for me personally. It was an 'interesting' discussion about the recently tabled Budget 2013. Among those invited to the hangout were former Subang Jaya assemblyman Lee Hwa Beng, Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (Fomca) CEO and secretary general Datuk Paul Selvaraj, fresh graduate Khalisa Afendi, The Malaysian Times CEO Anbumani Balan and law student Faliq Firdaus.

More of it on Astro Awani's Facebook page.

This session leads up to the #TanyaNajib Bajet 2013 initiative which will be aired on Astro Awani (501) between 9pm-10pm today. There will be other programmes (from 8.15pm) leading up to the show.

Here's hoping more hangouts by the Digital Media team. Many thanks to the team who made it work.

HD says: It was a good learning experience.


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