Let there be closure

There is one final issue that has been overlooked by almost all the media in following this story (except the excellent Haresh Deol) – Mr. Eaton’s allegation that there are certain senior Asian sports officials who are helping the match-fixers. The scandals in Turkey, China and Eaton’s own leaving tend to overshadow this matter, but it is the most serious issue of all.

That was taken from world renowned investigative journalist Declan Hill's (pic) blog as seen here.

Declan, author of the book The Fix, wrote that piece on Feb 24 this year.

It was almost the same time when the M-League was rocked by another possible match-fixing scandal which saw top officials from the FA of Malaysia, Police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission holding joint meetings to tackle the menance.

Statements were even made that three clubs were apparently believed to be fixing matches, as seen here.

The question remains - what ever happened to the findings of the committee tasked to look into this matter? A new designation was created to oversee this within FAM, what has progressed thus far? What are the names of three clubs and have they been cleared of such allegations?

Or has everyone forgotten about it?

For the record, the Malaysia Cup final between Armed Forces and Kelantan on October 20 will mark the end of the local football calender for this year.

 If there is no evidence of matches being fixed, then we should set the record straight to clear any doubts.

As former Perak coach Steve Darby had said during Astro SuperSports' football talkshow Bola@Mamak recently; "When Lionel Messi scores a beautiful goal, it is called world class but when a Malaysian does the same, they say 'Kelong' (bookie)."

HD says: When you start something, make sure it is completed. 


  1. You know well haresh...how hard is it to talk to FAM officials...most of them just sit on their jobs


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