Rexy lured back home

Former national doubles coach Rexy Mainaky is reported to head back to Indonesia as the badminton giants plan to revamp its national set up.

Rexy left the BA of Malaysia in April after the Indonesian revealed he took up a job offer by the Philippines BA as per my article in The Malay Mail. It was a two-year contract.

Hardly six months working in the Philippines, Rexy will now oversee PBSI's development programme.

PBSI's new general secretary Koesdarto Pramono was quoted by The Jakarta Post as saying;

“He is a young guy full of creativity and ideas. We all know Rexy has coached overseas and those countries have made progress.

"Rexy’s appointment may end his overseas work, which have seen him coach both English and Malaysian players for several years before moving to the Philippines."

However, the same article saw Rexy declining comment over his possible move to Jakarta.

“I cannot comment [about the appointment] as yet,” Rexy said, as quoted by Antara.

PBSI's plans to lure Rexy, Susi Susanti and Ricky Subagja into the natioanl stable was also reported by Badzine. This is part of Indonesia's plans to strengthen their national team as they have been far from impressive and failed to live up to their tag as the region's best in recent years.

A former Olympic gold medalist, Rexy started working for BAM in July 2005 as the national doubled coach. He paired up Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong who took the world by storm by winning the Asian Games gold medal in 2006 before winning the All-England title a year later.

However, the inconsistent performance by Kien Keat-Boon Heong rattled Rexy's position and he was later made into the women’s doubles coach instead.

During his stint in KL, Rexy threatened to quit on several occasions but left the country for good earlier this year.

Pic of BAM secretary Ng Chin Chai (L) thanking Rexy for his services - by Haresh Deol 

HD says: Home sweet Rexy?


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