Bojan to leave Kelantan?

UPDATE 2.57pm: And this is Hodak's response to the article below;

"Will, may, could...these are all English words which are cleverly used. I am still negotiating with Kelantan so if you ask me my answer is simple - I don't know depends on what transpires between me and Kelantan FA.

I have delivered and now it is about receiving the rightful payment. Everyone needs money, I need money, my wife needs money, my kids needs money, even my friends at Kelab Aman need me to make money so that I can buy them drinks (before bursting into laughter)."

And in his SMS to me he said;
"I am leaving Kelantan this week...till 15th November for holiday."



So says Reuters as seen in this story;

Joy was short-lived for fans of Kelantan soccer club when, after seeing the side complete the domestic treble with victory in the Malaysia Cup, coach Bojan Hodak hinted he may quit the top-flight club. 

"I am a professional and there are other offers," the Croatian coach with the Midas touch told reporters. "I will take a short holiday and then I will decide."

Kelantan beat Armed Forces 3-2 in extra-time to clinch the Malaysia Cup and treble, having suffered just two losses in 26 games en route to retaining the Super League; and beating Sime Darby 1-0 in the FA Cup final.

"I've heard people saying that they have been enchanted by us," the New Straits Times quoted him as saying. "This type of football deserves to be rewarded with titles. I think it will be very difficult for something like this (the treble) to be repeated." (Writing by Ossian Shine in Singapore; Editing by Peter Rutherford)

HD says: Hmm......


  1. Nurul Azwan Roya was strongly speculated to move to Johor, due to the following reasons :

    1.He's marrying a Johor girl soon.
    2.Johor was Nurul Azwan Roya first profesional football club. Before that, he was a regular Mat Kilang.
    3.Johor was said to be throwing money around to attract big names in local football, aspecially after witnessing ATM's success.

    And yet, Kelantan fans do not protest or panic.

    I may say the same on Bojan.

    Best of luck, Bojan.

    Any way, lets wait for TS Annuar Musa's return from Mekah and see what he has in store before jumping the gun....

    p/s As long as the replacement is not Rajagopal, all is ok! My vote to Sathia or Ong Kim Swee.


  2. I'm fine with Bojan leaving but dont mind him continuing either. The foundation (style of play) believe was set during Karathu days(short-passing game as opposed to Butler's long ball). Bojan was just continuing his duties and philosophies.

    I want Karathu back (if bojan leaves).

    p/s: I've been following Karathu football's philosophies since Ringgit Kreative days (i.e. during Karathu's first stint in Kelantan in the early 90s). HD, you can tell Karathu that he has lots of fans in Kelantan.

    Pak Nik

  3. Pak Nik,

    Agreed that Karathu set-up made TRW as they are today. Short passes and fast paced football, so sweet. Technical wise.

    But on big games, he choked most of the time. Strategy wise.

    Refer to the game plan during the duration of Super League in 2011 and during semi final Piala Malaysia of 2011.

    If you ask me, Karathu comes in third after Sathia and OKS.

    Strictly, IMHO.

    p/s HD, do you think referees do protect players? Or was it the pitch? Or do we accept that robust games are part and parcel in Malaysian football? Such loss for not having Subra in the coming international games. Will he recover before AFF starts?


  4. Kamarul

    You are right there (with regards to Karathu's game changing ability, I bet he's similar to Monsiuer Wenger). Anyway, I would not want Sathia back (not becoz of the last incident) but more for his inability to introduce new faces/young players to the team and bringing in the home grown talents. He's not good in spotting talents if compared to Karathu or OKS. You can see his track records with ATM and TRW. He kept on bringing the likes of Hai-O, Indra, Akmal etc whom to me has passed their "sell-buy" date. Just my two cents view.

    Pak Nik


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