MHL - it's a wrap

UPDATE 3.14pm: "The MHL  has lost it's shine, it's time that it needs a good coating of brasso."

Those were the words of  KL Hockey Club stakeholder George Koshy. Read more on


The TNB Malaysian Hockey League has come to an end.

KL Hockey Club were indeed the clear favourites as they zapped TNB 3-0 to win the TNB Cup final  which was also shown live on Astro Arena at the National Hockey Stadium in Bukit Jalil last night.

Tengku Ahmad Tajuddin drew first blood in the ninth minute while KLHC's other goals were courtesy of Ismail Abu and Amerullah Aziz - all scored in the first half.

Johor, meanwhile, defeated Armed Forces 4-2 to lift the President's Cup.

Fans were also able to keep themselves updated thanks to the official website

Those within the scene would surely have plenty to say about this year's league.

And there's also the short 'break' before the 50th Razak Cup begins this Sunday till Oct 23 in Kuantan.

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HD says: It's nice to catch up on hockey after so long.


  1. MHL has become a case of "same shit, different smell". It's mundane and it's a bore. MHF should put a cap on having the number of national team players in a team to balance the books.

    In fact, perhaps they should put a cap on foreigner imports, too. I realised that many of the clubs are imported players whose qualities are at most on par with what we already have in our own backyard.

    MHF needs to revamp the league ... hell, it need to revamp itself first.

  2. Hockey is dead since Mike left. Now slumberjack and deadwood are sleeping. Haresh write more as you did previously pls save malaysian hockey


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