Malaysia Cup: The Grand Battle

An epic battle awaits Armed Forces (ATM) and Kelantan at the Shah Alam Stadium come October 20.

Having brushed aside LionsXII on Thursday, ATM are in the midst of working their tactics while The Red Warriors are still celebrating after having managed a 2-0 win over Selangor in the return leg of the semi final yesterday (aggregate 3-0).

Mohammad Ghaddar drew first blood with by chipping the ball past Selangor's goalkeeper while Badri Radzi sealed the deal in the dying minutes to ensure Kelantan continue their hunt for another trophy.

Both ATM coach B.Satianathan and Kelantan coach Boyan Hodak know each other well enough - so well that they will still end up having a beer or two despite the result on October 20.

Will the disciplined ATM side steal the thunder or could the Red Warriors - full of soul and character - add another silverware in their trophy cabinet?

All will be answered come Oct 20.

HD says: It was a really good match. Lot's of great runs, passes, shots and saves. The M-League is alive and kicking!


  1. Gomo Kelate Gomo. Hopefully, they can attract more sponsors and quality players for the AFC Cup Project 2.0.

    Did they already receive their share of ticket collections for the FA Cup finals?


  2. Even though Lions XII would also have been a good opponent for Kelantan, ATM deserve to be there!
    NO doubt that Kelantan would triumph over a pathetic Selangor who really have to get rid of some deadwood who promise much but deliver none. Selangor had mediocre foreign players even after changes in early season. Bosko have also learnt to play like the locals as the season progressed and ultimately collected a red card in the Semis. We need to have foreign players who are discliplined & focussed to set a good example for the local players.
    Anyway,looking forward to a great final on Saturday, 20 Oct.

  3. Hope for Kelantan AFC Cup 2.0 campaign, they could find more quality and recognize imports to spearhead the challenge. I have heard Mikael Silvestre is willing to play in Asia. Do not waste money on players that are barely better than locals. Good luck for PM finals and next season.



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