A city dream

I had a dream.

It was a dream where KL players will receive their full wages including some additional cash, dubbed as 'bonus' on August 13.

The players will receive their money from the new KL Mayor Ahmad Phesal Talib during the Malaysia Games incentive ceremony at Putrajaya.

My dream also revealed that KL City Hall have big plans for the city team and are eager to pump in funds on one condition - to strictly monitor KLFA accounts.

But in my dream, there were several officials which are apparently disgruntled with each other. Apparently some officials keep complaining that the players and some coaching staff are throwing matches. But I don't remember seeing the 'complainant' producing any form of evidence of such claims in my dream.

And suddenly I woke up. Sadly, I didn't know how my dream would end. If KL - with their financial assistance - would do well in the Premier League next season.

Oh well, hopefully the dream will reappear again tonight.

HD says: The brain turns reality into dreams but sometimes dreams do turn into reality.


  1. well if normal working ppl with salary on time in their accounts every month also taking bribe, what do u expect of footballers who did not receive their salary for 3 months..although it is still wrong but who can blame them..tell the official if you see them on your dream tomorrow that if they don't buck up, they are as guilty as players who throw matches away.

  2. So sad... KL used to be "the Team" to beat during the era of Tan Sri Elyas. The likes of Fandi Ahmad, K.Kannan, Mohd Noor Yaacop thrilled their fans. I also hope that your dream will turn to reality.

    Pak Nik

  3. Let see what happens on 13th August. Hopefully the dreams will become reality.

  4. I heard some news from the KLFA Facebook fan page that the players open a bazaar during this Ramadan season. Can you believe it? They have to sell food, all those kuih kuih just to make money. Might as well they just open a restaurant after raya than playing football isnt it? Cause it just doesn't make any sense at all. This is not professional at all! This is crazy! This is sad, really sad situation. I pity the players. Cant imagine man! I think it's better if KL-lites to have a share in this football team, buy this football team, rather than wait for DBKL to give the overdue wages. Some more, today in Utusan Malaysia, Tony Fernandes of Air Asia got offer to buy clubs in indonesia. Why don't want to buy our local team. KLFA got potential to be a strong team, further more it's located in our capital, a lot of business activities, tourism, entertainment, bla bla bla bla.....Seriously man! When I heard the news that the KL mayor want to fund to this team a month ago, I really thought this issue will be solve already, but yet promises always empty promises. I don't think DBKL is bankcrupt. I think they have a lot of money, since they are the local authorities of KL, by collecting all those summons. Sure they have millions of ringgit. So sad. So sad. ;(


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