Should I stay or should I go?

UPDATE  Aug 10, 10.15am: Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek said Malaysians should not point fingers and blame sports associations if athletes failed to deliver. He said that everyone involved should take responsibility including himself.

Read more in today's NST.

At least Shabery is man enough to shoulder the responsibility.

Malaysian National Cycling Federation (MNCF) deputy president Naim Mohamad (pic) clarified that he was giving up his Track Cycling Development Committee chairman and not the deputy president's post.

This was flashed by Bernama today.

This contradict earlier reports of him supposedly quitting the deputy president's post as seen here.

There are apparently efforts to get BA of Malaysia (BAM) president Nadzmi Salleh to quit the hot seat.

However, such talks have been on-going for several months now.

Those who defend Nadzmi will say at least during his tenure the sport has netted two Olympic silver medals (2008 & 2012).

Nevertheless, the critics insist Lee Chong Wei won the medals on his own effort and Nadzmi is simply lucky to be part of the success. Also these critics question what is left of the national badminton scene?

The debate will go on about Naim and Nadzmi's credentials. I'm sure those within the circle should know better.

But, generally speaking, one should look beyond the individuals and assess if transparency and accountability are still alive in the Malaysian sports scene.
There are officials who outlive ministers and even athletes. 

If an athlete or coach fails to deliever, he or she is shown the exit. Who decides if an official stays or go? Who decides if an official has done good for sports or otherwise? Who will best replace a particular official?

And who determines if officials ought to go for trips around the globe in the name of 'support'?

Anyone? No one?

HD says: Listening to Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash.


  1. Have the critics done anything for sports? So if he is there by chance; than the failures to cannot be attributed to himas to could have happened by channce. The players have been given all the support they needed, and if they don't suceed; who is to blame.
    Arm chair critics can be bought at a dime for a dozen; even worse when some critics love to critcize but deny the right to rebut. I don't support officials (association/goverement agencies) who are there to serve their own agenda; but whatever criticism must be fair and with a sound base for solutions. By removing Nadzmi; who can promise us the gold? Grow up guys......

  2. Haresh, I like your quotes "There are officials who outlive ministers and even athletes."

    Whilst there are concerted effort get Nazmi quit BAM, why arent there any effort to get FAM's top two to quit? Compared to Nazmi, I think FAM failed miserably...

    Pak Nik

  3. Bro Haresh,
    Leave Nadzmi there and wait for BAM to go down like the others!! Come fail you leave. Give someone else a chance for fresh ideas. If the guy loves the seat so much, all the more reason to go. need we look back at all the recent red flags

  4. Financially we can say Nadzmi does bring success. But there is no wisdom or foresight to be seen from him in terms of badminton developement as a whole compare to the era of Dato Elyas and Dato Fadzil. He just let go completely all this task to his right hand men which empower them to take action as if they are the head honcho of BAM.


  5. then the Director of MSN must also go?

  6. MSN ambik credit bila atlet menang tapi hilang bila atlet kalah


  7. Zol, Naim and Nadzmi SHOULD GO!


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