Chong Wei's 5 stars

Chan Kwong Beng, Liew Daren (pic), Chong Wei Feng, Arif Abdul Latif and Misbun Ramdan.

Those were the five singles shutters who two time Olympic silver medalist Lee Chong Wei believes have the potential of being top players, as reported here.

Surprisingly, former World Junior and Asian Junior champion Zulfadli Zulkifli's name is missing from the list.

Some may argue Chong Wei's five stars have lost their shine a long time ago.But those who stand by them argue these players should have been given more exposure but were constantly forced to hide behind the shadows of Chong Wei.

Hopefully those within the list will be able to prove their critics wrong and be champions in their own right. To find another Chong Wei is difficult but it's about trying to bridge the gap between the top shuttler and those around him.

And let's also ensure the younger set of players are not left behind and given the same kind of exposure and treatment and the opportunity to play more competitive matches in the near future.

HD says: It's never easy finding another star.


  1. Zulfadli Zulkifli is not in the list as he is so "unfit and unprepared" now, to lose in the first round of the Vietnam Open due to blisters on his feet. I shows that he was not training during the Puasa or he might be wearing new shoes- how stupid or maybe he has a new shoe sponsor who insist he wears their "new" shoes. Whatever it is, past results at the junior may not count too much now. Wake up and face the realities of the Senior circuits

  2. Misbun Ramdan is a potential replacement, given proper guidance and training. The rest I'm not so sure, most have discipline and attitude problem.
    Agree with Anon 9:29am..Zulfadli is not even near champion material! Blaming blisters for his lost?.. c'mon!


  3. Chan Kwong Beng i don't know, never seen anything from him to show he got it in him. Liew Daren and Chong Wei Feng if can maintain current progression maybe got a chance but will peak too late around 27 or 28, so they need to double their effort. Ariff i think got good defence and classy stroke play but his smash is worse than Tee Jing Yee. Need to instil more disipline and add more aggresiveness to his game. Our hope really should rest on Misbun Ramdan and his chance will be better if his father could help. Zulfadli currently looks not really there physically for senior international standard. Maybe he need guidance not just from his father but also from Misbun Sidek to mould him into world champion.



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