NSI saga: Question still not answered

UPDATE 1.20pm: Just got off the phone with Ahmad Shapawi and this is what he said;

Yes I have received a letter of the new appointment starting August 16 but I'm in the midst of finalising my work at the National Sports Council including our paralympian's campaign at the Paralympic Games in London. 

I'll be meeting the NSI staff on August 16 and hear them out to see how we can work closely together.  


And before I forget, congratulations to Ahmad Shapawi Ismail who will take over as the new National Sports Institute CEO from the acting CEO on August 16.

That was taken from Satwant Singh Dhaliwal's blog posting published earlier today.

Ahmad Shapawi (pic) could not be reached as he is in the midst of a meeting.

As stressed before, the person replacing Dr Ramlan Aziz as the National Sports Institute (NSI) CEO is secondary. What remains unclear is to why Ramlan was asked to quit the hot seat? - a question which no one seems to have an answer.

If such is left without closure, this could set an unhealthy precedent within the institute.

Click here to refresh one's memory of the National Sports Institute (NSI) fiasco.

HD says: If true, all the best Shapawi.


  1. Joke of the year.......the guy who's doesn't hog the limelight gets the boot!

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  3. I hope that En. Shapawi will bring ISN forward.


  4. So unfair to Ramlan.

  5. Politics in Malaysian sport have overshadowed reality at the end of day.


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