AFC in the spotlight - again.

Seorang pegawai kanan Konfederasi Bola Sepak Asia (AFC) kini disiasat polis berhubung penyelewengan wang RM30 juta milik pertubuhan itu yang dilaporkan lesap ketika kerja-kerja audit dilakukan baru-baru ini.

That was taken from Utusan Malaysia today

The paragraphs below, meanwhile, was taken from InsideWorldFootball, published four days ago.

FIFA suspended Bin Hammam from all football duties for 90 days last month at the request of the other two-chamber Ethics Committee chairman, Michael Garcia, who deals with the investigation and prosecution side.

Garcia is deciding whether to throw the book at Bin Hammam over possible financial mismanagement of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) funds when the former Qatari powerbroker was AFC President.

The allegations are contained in an audit by accountants PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

And this was taken from an Associated Press article by Michael Casey on August 15;

The audit said some commercial rights contracts were no-bid deals that were "considerably undervalued," and that $14 million (RM43.6 million) in total was paid from several companies to the AFC for the "personal use of its president."

And the spotlight is back on AFC.

I was informed a Malaysian is 'involved'. Perhaps in lodging the report. I was also informed that AFC 'had to' lodged a report here to allow the local Police to investigate the matter.

We'll let the Police investigate the matter, nevertheless.

HD says: Hmm....


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