When will school sports matter?

UPDATE, Aug 17 3.55pm: As reported by Bernama; 

"Program pembangunan sukan perlu diberikan lebih
tumpuan kerana ia adalah elemen penting dalam melahirkan atlet yang boleh
diketengahkan pada kejohanan antarabangsa termasuk Sukan Olimpik."
- Timbalan Menteri Belia dan Sukan Datuk Razali Ibrahim.

Thank you sir! Now let's walk the talk.


As we continue to debate the importance of grassroots development in the country, below are paragraphs extracted from an article that appeared in UK's The Guardian on how the UK government's relaxed regulations on the minimum playing space in schools is causing much concern among the stakeholders and observers.

Campaigners fear the new rules – which were approved on the eve of the Games – will pave the way for the further sell-off of playing fields and endanger the ability of schools to provide sport for future generations.

Under the previous rules, secondary schools were expected to provide pitches ranging from 5,000 sq metres (54,000 sq ft) for the smallest schools to 35,000 sq metres for schools with 600 pupils or more.

The new regulations for schools in England state simply that "suitable" outdoor space must be provided to teach PE and let pupils play outside.

Stephen Twigg MP, the shadow education secretary, said: "This just shows how out of touch Michael Gove is. Not satisfied with getting rid of the target of pupils playing two hours of sport a week, he is now weakening the standards Labour introduced to protect school playing fields.

"The government has already sold off 21 playing fields – parents want reassurances that these changes won't allow more to be sold off. If we are to ensure the Olympic legacy, the government must ensure that schools provide a decent amount of space for competitive sports and play."

It is widely known that most schools especially in urban areas in Malaysia lack playing fields and this has caused much concern over the years. Some school fields are robbed in the name of development while others will have to make do with a handful of courts and even the tarmac just to conduct their physical activities.

The importance of sporting activities in school is to firstly instill the sense of leading a healthy lifestyle among the younger generation and only then to scout and unearth potential champions of the future.

Sadly, most of us are easily satisfied with policies that only look good on paper.

HD says: Sadly not many care about sports at the grassroots.


  1. Lets talk about national sports schools. .ssbj n sstmi...and the upcoming in pahang...sabah...perlis...

    What hapenned to state sports school...spts...what is really hapenned down there...

  2. Firstlt, great job with regards to your blog, HD.
    However, I have to disagree with you when you say "not many care about sports at the grassroots."

    I think many people do, but they merely speak about it but they don't take action to remedy the problem.

    Regarding the field situation, I'm amazed that nothing has been done to solve this issue, inspite of everyone raising the matter time and time again.

    Yes, having quality playing fields is essential to increase our talent pool. It's as simple as that. Instead of demolishing fields in the name of development, we should be looking at ways to have more fields, be it in the Klang Valley or anywhere outside of it.

    If only someone could make a comparison between the number of public fields in London as compared to those in the Klang Valley. I would b interested to know.

    Another important factor with regards to development of sport in schools is coaching. We cant have teachers as coaches. They are simply not qualified to take on the role. Be it athletics, football, hockey, volleyball etc. We need decent coaches to be training these pupils so that they learn the right things, the right way.

    Football is a good example. How are PE teachers suppose to teach players, or should I say, pupils, about executing an offisde trap, or how to execute tactical changes in a game. This is assuming the teacher even knows about football tactics. Most likely not. He would probably set a team up in a 4-4-2 formation and tell them to go out there and score.

    The reason badminton has done so well for so long is because at such a young age, players are taught to play the game the right way. Be it among the chinese, malays and even the indians. I'm not talking about PE teachers training these kids, Im talking about coaches who use school halls to train future Datuk LCWs, after school hours. Let's be honest, 1 hour of PE period (that's what we used to call it lah, I don't know what they call it now) is not going to unearth the next LCW or the next Safee Sali.

    So yes, more quality pitches all over the country and provide qualified coaches in schools. It should at least put us on the right path, if nothing else.


    1. Bro.... Know the difference between a PHYSICAL EDUCATOR and a COACH before you shoot from your trap! Nyway u have given some relevant points! Cheers!


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