BWF finally gets tough

And who would have thought that the Badminton World Federation (BWF) will take action against China.

World champions Wang Xiaoli-Yu Yang from China were among the four pairs expelled. The others were South Koreans Jung Kyun Eun-Kim Ha Na, Ha Jung Eun-Kim Min Jung and Meiliana Jauhari-Greysia Polii from Indonesia.

London Olympics chairman Sebastian Coe described the badminton 'match throwing' scandal as "depressing" and "unacceptable" - as seen here.

The International Olympic Committee, meanwhile, said;

"We applaud the federation for having taken swift and decisive action," said IOC communications manager Emmanuelle Moreau.

"Such behavior is not compatible with the Olympic values."

Read more here.

And Indonesia have accepted BWF's decision despite wanting to appeal it earlier - as seen in BBC Indonesia's report.

Kontingen Indonesia memutuskan untuk menarik kembali permohonan banding untuk pasangan ganda putri Meiliana Jauhari/Greysia Polii, yang didiskualifikasi oleh Federasi Bulutangkis Dunia (BWF).

India, however, has also filed an appeal with BWF to review its decision to reject their protest against the result of the Group B match between Japan and Chinese Taipei, which resulted in the ouster of Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa from the Olympic Games - as reported by the Indian Express.

Former world champion Taufik Hidayat called the matches “a circus.”

The London 2012 badminton tournament has certainly turned out to be one entertaining circus but at the expense of China and Co.

HD says: Finally common sense prevailed.


  1. yes! china and co are guilty but we should also blame BWF for introducing such lousy tournament format just to kononnya wanna make it more interesting. we can charge the Chinese for no sportsmanship but BWF opened the door for them to manipulate the tournament. this stupid BWF did it to Thomas Cup with lousy format and now into Olympic. we dun see other sports have this joke of tournament format

  2. the one who proposed a group game also should be expelled from BWF as well
    sputpid idea

  3. Agreed with the above comments. There should be a group format in individual events. Knowing China, I'm not surprised they fixed the match.

    Pak Nik

  4. If BWF wanna do another group match, what they should do to reduce match fixing is to have a new random draw to determine which group champion play with group runners up after all group match are completed. Maybe for the 1st knock out round players from the same group should be seperated. If they met again at the next round so be it.

    Do not determine the knock out round placement before the tournament start. This is the reason for all this match fixing. Also if a player withdraw from meeting their countryman citing injury, BWF should inspect the injury with independent experts and if proven false or the players and their team did not want to cooperate then expel both of them from the competition and gave them at least 6 month suspension from all BWF tournaments. That will teach that arrogant p***k Li Yongbo. These clowns will bring down olympic badminton if left uncheck.



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