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Dejectedly, Malaysia has not progressed in this context despite having hosted several high profile sporting meets. The sport administrators, rather than boosting primary school sport, have allowed a generation of children growing up less fit than their parents.

Fact is, local sports are not supported widely by the local media — the same voice that is the first to slam the authorities for the lack of achievement at international level. At London 2012, there was even an Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) accredited journalist of a local newspaper that totally ignored Malaysian sports.

What does that say of media support of local sports? And of the OCM that gave the ticket to a non-supporter of local sports? What we need is a reversal in culture in our schools, media and in society that supports competitive sport in schools.

The paragraphs above were taken from Frankie D'Cruz's column Being Frank today. 

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  1. 1.Students are not allowed to be on the field, except during PE or during school's formal activities.

    2.During PE, most teachers would get a ball from the store and leave the children to their own game - that's about it.

    3.Despite MoE claims that schools' priority is no more solely based on academical merit, nothing change in terms of schools' SOP. IN FACT, KRA of staff and admin were still based on how good they are in producing results in UPSR, PMR, SPM etc.

    4.I'm getting tired now, zzzzzzzzzz

    1. malaysian school sports is dead and the media should should take the blame also. if the media that is the channel to promote students in school sports ignored their achievemnt, then how one expect school sports to grow? the more the fields are lost to development the more students we will lose on the fields. no one cares expect for themselves as if one is interested in school sports, the field will be the last to go. My son's andmy daughter's schools hardly have any PE. the PE teacher is a lazy man and woman in both my son's and daughter's schools. both my children are big sized and they will only grow bigger as their liking is more for nasi lemak than sports. i try to take them out and do some sports but their minds are not with sports and exercise. the whole education system sucks. as the writer frankie said rightly so, children cant even complete a 100 meters run and my children are an exmaple of that. please write more and help children to participate in sports as the government is doing nothing at all. FARIZ A

    2. As I recall, in my son's school, once in every school term, PE time is when the teacher gsther his/her student for a "kutip sampah" programme around the school compund.

      p/s Schools nowadays even has the balls to appoint "Pengawas Dewan" which sole purpose is to "susun" and "atur" chairs for any function! They even claim Pengawas Dewan having the same credibility as the Pengawas Sekolah in terms of certificate mentioning.

      Haresh, you got children of your own?

  2. School and media huh, why dont you go and ask Dato Mazlan Ahmad, ex NSC DG who is a columnist with d media and unfortunately, if i am not mistaken, is the so called - Penasihat Sukan Kementerian Pelajaran.

    Mazlan is so busy hentam NSC and forgot to look into his own house. I wonder, apa advise dia bagi for sports development in school.

    Even my kid asked me, what the heck am i doing areobics for few hours recently, sempena program 1 murid 1sukan. i thought the program is for every kid to pick one sport and i dont consider aerobics as a sport.

    So Mazlan, i think you better shut up because our failure in high level sports in the future is because of you, because you dont advise properly what to do at school now.

  3. Jeng Jeng jeng! I know where this was headed.. :p


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