Razak Cup premier no more?

It was named after the second Prime Minister of Malaysia Abdul Razak Hussein.

It is said to be the premier hockey tournament in the country.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the prestigious tournament.

Yet, there seems to be the feeling that the Razak Cup is just “another” fixture in the national hockey calendar – a tournament that has to be organised just for the sake of it.

Aren't most of the best state players currently training with their respective clubs for the upcoming Malaysian Hockey League which is set to commence on Sept 1?

The MHL ends on Oct 10 while the Razak Cup begins four days later (Oct 14) in Kuantan.

Will the states have enough time to train their full team - with the inclusion of their club players - hardly three days prior the Razak Cup?

Will this be fair to the sponsors who are surely wanting leverage from the tournament but will end up getting a bunch of state teams with substandard quality of hockey?

I wonder what Prime Minister Najib Razak has got to say about his father’s tournament. In fact, I further wonder if Najib and his brother CIMB chief Nazir – widely known to be a sports enthusiast and will sponsor major golf tournament, the CIMB Classic, end of October - know this is the 50th edition of the 'family' tournament.

Wasn't this thought about? Or is there a reason to this?
Or is it safe to say the Razak Cup is premier no more?

HD says: Am I seriously missing something here?


  1. There is a whole lot of difference between holding a tournament for the sake of holding it or giving the tournament its due respect, money, position and compelling teams to take it seriously

    While some may groan and moan how one states win every year does anyone actually take a conscious effort to actually train and development a team. If there enough money available to undertake such a task?

    Who actually decides the dates a council? a committee? a sub-committee? Did states complain or merely accept or was this shoved down their throats? If you dont voice out when you are supposed would that be all right?

    How do you give a tournament that into its 50th year credence? Character? History? Who are the custodians of such a tournament?

    If more priority given to national league compared to a premier interstate tournament

    Efforts to revive and change the format has with more brickbats then actual positive suggestion to make it better.

    come to think of it it the 50th year? how much a promo actually is there for such a tournament?

    How many 50 year old tournaments are out there?

    Sorry chief just my 2 cents

  2. Current mhc is deadwood.....bring back mike lah. It was better off three years ago. Tm pls do something. No money now and is a snail secretariat!

  3. MHC apa sudah jadi? Hancurrr kecai dah. Sedih dengar dan setiausaha baru kayu betul. Tak tahu guna komputer atau jawab email. Sekarang abad 21 bukan zaman batu. Aiyooooooo......

  4. We want Mike, we want mike, we want mike! Pls save malaysian hockey and switch off sleeping mode. Read mikes report card when he left, no match. Bring him on............ Great man!

  5. Wake up from your slumber MHC, if you cannot help hockey then please fade away gracefully as you have treated the Razak Cup with contempt.remove the secretary general aka slumberjack

  6. Take out SLUMBERJACK from MHC. He is killing it

  7. Sorry Haresh that your intention of creating this blog to archive your articles has turned into a blog war zones to voice discontentments. Probably it's inevitable after the sudden closure/self-suspension of Voice-In-Sports blog that used to be the avenue for it that the other blogs doesn't enable Comments.

    1. Thank you Makan Hati for realising that this blog of mine is an archive of my articles and the happenings of the local sports / news scene in the country.

      Also, I believe in allowing constructive comments for it can and has been a good source of tip-offs.

      Thank you.

    2. My pleasure. Keep on reporting and providing constructive criticism on issues of national sports interest. We share the same "outside looking in" view of how sports in run in Malaysia and it is not a pleasant view. Hopefully our little contribution can help in some ways. Btw, wishing you all the best in Astro Awani.

      A friend.


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