Big names for the Asian 9 Ball Invitational

The Golden Break Asian 9 Ball Invitational Championship enters its fourth edition now and each year without fail, the players profile improves and participation increases. 
Some notable names in this tournament includes the two young Taiwanese brothers of Ko Pin Yi and 2 times runner up Ko Ping Chung; Defending Champion from Philippines, Lee Vann Corteza and also two pool legends, Efren “The Magician” Reyes (pic) and Francisco Bustamante; Seasoned campaigner Muhd Bewi and Jimmy Jusman from Indonesia; Japan and Korea also makes their first appearance including many other familiar faces in international events and TV appearances. 
This years’ entries to the main event has been increased from last year's 64 to a total field of 80 players. By the time of the entry closing date, the total player's field to the main event once again had to be adjusted to a total of 96 players, to accommodate overwhelming request from invited countries. 
This event is organized by Team Sports Marketing and is sanctioned by the Selangor Snooker and Billiards Association (SSBA). This year the Asian Pocket Billiard Union (APBU) had accepted this event into its annual calendar of event and had generously offered Asian Ranking points to the deserved participants taking part in this event. The number of participating countries had also increased to fifteen countries in total. 
With many renown names and frequent campaigners in International Pool tournaments participating in this years' Championship, the stage is set to witness some serious competition and grueling matches between the players over the next few days, striving to be crowned the Champion to this years' 4th Golden Break Asian 9 Ball Invitational Championship 2012!


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