Now KL coaching staff want their pay

KL players finally received their three months wages in a ceremony at Putrajaya yesterday.

Apparently the players will see their cash in their bank accounts by Wednesday. If true, I'm confused as I was earlier informed that the cheque was ready last week itself. Oh well....

But now the backroom staff are feeling left out as they are still waiting for their salary.

It's four more days before the Hari Raya and the coaches hope they will receive their pay in time to buy some baju melayus, ketupats and enjoy the festive season.

This, however, brings back the question to why payment was not made to the men behind the scenes?

And if one thinks that we should be thankful that the players finally received their payment, one is severely wrong.

For in the world of professionalism, one has to honour the contract or be dragged to the courts.

Football is not a hobby for these individuals. It is their rice bowl.

Instead of claiming "match-fixing among officials or players", cooking up lame excuses or trying to penalise those who try and defend their rice bowl, pay the coaches what is owed to them. Period.

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HD says: A contract is drafted for a reason.


  1. la patut utk semua..sian coaching staff..drang pun manusia gak..

  2. Not professional at all. Still amateur our football. Not even semi-pro.

  3. Been there. done that. -KL ex player. 2006-2009

  4. Salary paid in a CEREMONY? That is very sad indeed.

  5. Many does not know the true story including this publisher so called editor? all this while KL are playing without any sponsorship and Datuk (presiden) is using his own pocket to pay the salaries from beginning of the season.. question why only paid during the ceremony? because this is an initiative to help/save KLFA, the new DBKL Mayor willing to pay the last 3 month(s) of the players salaries..

    on why the official/coaches not receive their payment yet? if you read the press statement earlier this ceremony is for players salaries.. (not to mention some of coaches/official & insiders who is involving in the match fixing)

    btw, many does not know the fact that.. the KL Manager does not claiming any single of cents for his role from beginning of the season (totally free service to save the KLFA pocket).. is this should call a hobby?

    1. I don't usually respond to folks who have no guts to reveal themselves but I will make an exception this time around.

      1. "Datuk president using his own pocket money..."
      - I've told Astaman this before, if he is taking out his own money, don't call it KLFA, call it Astaman FA. It is totally unfair for him to continuously fork out money. What are the other council members doing? A football association is not a one man's show and not a one man's burden.

      2. "..because this is an initiative to help/save..KLFA"
      - hang cakap senang, gaji hang masuk setiap bulan, tambah dengan side income. Cuba fikir kalau hang tak dapat gaji 3 bulan. Mesti kecoh pi Labour court kan? Where's the sense of professionalism? And why wait for the new Mayor? Will KL City Hall also pay KL Badminton Association, KL Table Tennis Association, KL Basketball Association the same amount? If no why the double standards?

      3. "if you read the press statement earlier this ceremony is for players salaries..."
      - so one is suppose to keep quiet if the officials don't get their pay? They ALL should be paid based on what is written on their CONTRACT. The last I check football is not charity.

      4. "...the KL Manager does not claiming any single of cents for his role..."
      - erm...good for him then. and apasal terasa pasal 'hobby' bit as it was a general statement.

      Word of the day: PROFESSIONALISM - look it up in a dictionary.


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