Another City dream

I had another dream about KL football.

Just as the KL FA is trying to stand on its feet through KL City Hall, an individual appears out of no where.

I can't really make out his face, but the individual is associated to the former Minister of the Federal Territories Zulhasnan Rafique who is the Member of Parliament for Setiawangsa.

In the dream it was evident this individual and the current KLFA president Astaman Abdul Aziz do not see eye to eye due. Astaman is also with Umno Setiawangsa.

So politics came into play as the individual is close to current KL Mayor Ahmad Phesal Talib who was Zulhasnan's secretary in the above-mentioned ministry.

However, Ahmad Phesal already announced his commitment of becoming KLFA's advisor.

Just as I was expecting a happy ending, I woke up.

It was a weird dream. 

This is my second dream about KLFA and I hope it is just a dream. If KLFA does not just rely on KL City Hall for funds alone, I'm sure they could avoid such an unnecessary headache.

However, my earlier dream - A City dream - turned into a reality. Hmmm....

HD says: Wishing KLFA all the best.


  1. Hope there's no politics intervention. Hope KLFA find more sponsors rather than just DBKL alone.


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