Dear Syabas....

UPDATE 6.20am (Jan 29): Baljit sends a text message that read; "Hi bro, water is back finally. Thanks bro alot..." Well thank you Syabas.

UPDATE 5.30pm: Still no sign of water. Read what Baljit and Syabas have got to say here.


UPDATE 10am: Just got off the phone with Syabas' customer service and they claim the pump house at Taman Halaman was faulty but has been repaired. They are unable to give an estimate time to when water will be made available to all areas but hope it will be done by today itself.

Plenty of faulty pumps these days eh? #justpointingouttheobvious


I am writing to you hoping you would seriously consider the plight of national hockey player Baljit Singh (pic).

You see, Baljit is finally tying the knot with his sweetheart of almost five years, Jesvin Kaur, this weekend.

Just like any other young couple, they wish to have a memorable wedding with plenty of fond memories.

And mind you this is a Punjabi wedding, where the celebrations begin at least four days before the main day.

Also, such weddings usually see large crowds; from the father's uncle's son's sister's brother to the grandfather's uncle's daughter's nephew.
A mouthful eh.

Now here's a problem.

Baljit stays in a nice housing area in Ampang, a decent-sized corner house with a nice little garden by the side.

Sadly, there has been water disruption in the area for the past two days!

As family members begin to flock his residence, he has got no choice but to find water elsewhere. He has called your good organisation twice but is still waiting for the water tank that was promised to him.

Even his brother Pritam - who is a footballer for Super League club T-Team - can't even enjoy a nice warm bath in his own house when he returned from Kuala Terengganu yesterday.

Perhaps you may not understand but it can get quite frustrating to be placed in such a 'sticky' situation, especially when there are 'guests' in the house.

Baljit is crossing his fingers, hoping water will be restored to his house and the surrounding area by today. I hope so too.

And I am sure there will be many other families who have planned special moments this weekend - birthday parties, wedding receptions, family gatherings.

All this will be marred due to the water disruption - despite the fact Malaysia is supposed to be a developed country within the next seven years (as per Vision 2020).

This is only in Ampang. I am sure there are water problems in other parts of the country too. People are certainly getting fed-up with this fiasco.

To the good folks at Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas), here's hoping that this mess can be sorted out so that Baljit and Jesvin can have the perfect wedding they have always dreamed of.

Otherwise, Syabas you will go down in the history books for the wrong reasons.


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