Note to officials: Four Ways to Spend Money

There are four ways you can spend money, according to American economist and statistician Milton Friedman.

Among the four is when you spend money from another - say the government's money which is actually the tax payers money.

View the short video for what Friedman has to say about the four ways YOU can spend money - especially when it is not yours.

HD says: Some people enjoy the perks of causing a mess only to flee abroad.   


  1. These are the reasons why Rulers should not get involved or associating to bodies funded by the tax payers money.

    Sensitiveness must prevail more often and must be portrait at all time. Prevent indulging on matters related to public opinion. People are very critical. Now days, most of the time we can hear and read unpleasant and rude comments being made at sports bodies especially.

    Rulers are not supposed to get caught in the "web" of public scrutiny to be scrutinized.



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