Lance Armstrong confesses; "It did not feel wrong at that time. Scary"

Armstrong was not afraid of being caught. 'There weren't many out of competition testing'; he 'schedules' taking drugs to be clean during races.

"I'm not the most believable guy in the world at this moment, I know that." 

"Yeah...yeah. I was a bully." 

"I don't know if you took the two words out of thin air but I'm both, more of a jerk now than a humanitarian."

"Look at this arrogant prick (referring to himself). I say that today."

"It did not feel wrong at that time. Scary."

"That was the last time I won, (my speech, before I retired after my 7th win) it was lame."

"I didn't know it was big but I now know. I see anger, betrayal by people who believed me. They've every right to feel betrayed, it's my fault."

Those were some of the quotes by Lance Armstrong during a worldwide exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey on that ended minutes ago.

Hours before Armstrong's confession, the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) slammed and the International Cycling Union (UCI) over the rampant use of banned substance among riders. Read the full story here.

The International Olympic Committee also stripped the disgraced rider of his 2000 Olympic medal as reported by USA Today.

The bigger question - despite the fact that an athlete who has lied throughout his 'illustrious' career and under oath has come out 'clean' on television and is still glorified - what will happen to the sport?

This will seriously jeopardise cycling's spot at the Olympics and will certainly open a can of worms as more athletes (cyclists and others) will tend to spill the beans as doping is a big problem in the world of sports, just as match-fixing.

What new mechanisms will be implemented to ensure athletes are not given the luxury to 'schedule' their intake of banned substance? How strict will the enforcers be as doping (just like match fixing) involves many people with a lot of money attached to it.

And when Oprah asked; "You're suing people for telling the truth, what is that?" Armstrong replied: "It's a flaw." 

I rest my case.

HD says: Part two tomorrow....


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