"He may not be the Super President but he has done his best"

"...he may not be the Super President but he has done his best ability to keep us together all this while..

"...of coz there are one or two who want to move faster and call for changes. I agree in a way but let's see...we want to improve our football also..."

"...we lost there are some reasons which can only be answered by the coach, i cannot speak on behalf of the coach..."

Those were the words of FA of Malaysia (FAM) deputy president Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah during an exclusive interview with Malaysian Sports recently.

Read the full exclusive interview on Malaysian Sports.

Meanwhile, the author was reliably informed that a former player had bashed FAM during a political speech in Kampung Baru last night and said that today's Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat is to also "clean up" football.

 Oh boy.....


  1. there are more then enough platforms and blog and what not to be bashing FAM now they use the perhimpunan - come on have a little class

  2. HD, per my earlier comments, there's no doubt that both Sultan of Pahang and his son love football and have done "their best" but sadly their best is not good enough. We need a competent leader who can bring the best out of what we have in Malaysia. 28 years are more than enough!!! If you watched TV3 news last nite, HRH Sultan of Pahang answer was very simple,"we have good young players and give us chance". We have been listening to this for the past 28 years Haresh.

    We have enough capable leaders to lead FAM. I dont mind anyone (save for the current top 2)as long as the future president have vision and you need a good SG as well and not like current SG. Our very own Rosli Hussein fits the bill well. My tuppence worth comments.

    Pak Nik

  3. HD, just listened to the attached interview. The Pahang Prince said that part of the reasons why we loss at AFF can only be answered by the coach. So why didn't Rajagopal answer to the public? Why didnt FAM sack the coach when clearly he failed to meet his KPI? By allowing Raja to continue as the national coach impliedly means that FAM is satisfied with his explanation whilst public clearly arent very happy with his explanation.

    Time to go, President and Deputy President 1...

    Pak Nik

  4. The success and failure depends on Secretariat of FAM then the leaders will liik good. look at FAM and MHC both SG are deadwood with no ideas. Everything outsource till even letter writing. Some dont even know to operate PC and do a powerpoint presentation to sponsors. That is the cause to all problems. Both SG must go to save malaysian sports.

    1. ANon 11.07 am, SGs are appointed by the President. So the President has to go first then the new President will elect the new SG...

      Pak Nik


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