MSL Sdn Bhd no more?

Word has it that those working under MSL Sdn Bhd have been re-designated to positions within the FA of Malaysia (FAM).

Apparently MSL Sdn Bhd - the marketing arm of the M-League - has ceased to exist but insiders claim they are unsure of its registration with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.

As per a posting on this blog on Oct 29, 2012;

The objective of forming MSL Sdn Bhd was a step towards the privatisation of the league. Nevertherless, it was somehow simply restricted to being the commercial arm of the league.

Talking about MSL, is there a new CEO after Stuart Ramalingam left?

Will there ever be an independent body?

If true, then wouldn't this be a step backwards? The idea was to always ensure that the M-League ran privately and for it to be commercialised instead of allowing the state affiliates to dictate the terms and regulations.

Also, is it true that a top official is "fed-up" with the running of the national body and the leagues?

HD says: Hope someone will be able to shed some light.


  1. Now we can call it "MSL ISTANAPOLITICS BERHAD"

    Maybe i, might sound weird and funny to suggest the possibility of we sending a memorandum to the COUNCIL OF RULERS, for their interference and to advice another Ruler on matters related to public interest?(tax payers)

    Rulers are supposed to be seen as the most wise. They are supposed to up-held and preserve the KEDAULATAN of the other fellow rulers by being sensitive and concern at all the criticism being directed at them indirectly and directly at times...(FAM)

    The COUNCIL OF RULERS must not allow any rulers to tarnish the image(KEDAULATAN) by being stubborn and to ignore all the abusiveness surrounding it. When rulers are running sports bodies, they are exposing themselves public opinion which can be very shameful and degrading.


  2. HD, you will have to ask from the Deputy President 1 of FAM to answer this. BTW, I'm agreeable to the above comments by HSKAMAL

    Pak Nik


    Having interacted with Tengku Abdullah, I strongly believe the Pahang prince has the right intention & ideas. Sadly, those around him aren't helping his cause.

    Hope this clarifies matters (this is not a bodek session, merely writing what I have observed).


  4. HD,I have no doubt that the Pahang Prince loves football and other sports as well but love alone is not good enough without management capability. We've seen these for almost 20 years. Please let the people with strong management capability and vision lead the FAM.

    Pak Nik


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