Only help those who truly deserve it

“Kita sedia membantu mana-mana (kelab badminton) yang datang dengan kertas cadangan yang baik. Kita akan pertimbangkan apakah bentuk kerjasama yang boleh diberikan.

“Kita tidak boleh berharap hanya satu sistem sahaja dalam melahirkan pemain-pemain badminton negara. Sama ada pemain itu dari Persatuan Badminton Malaysia, Kelab Nusa Mahsuri ataupun kelab-kelab lain, itu tidak penting, yang  penting pada akhirnya kita dapat melahirkan jaguh badminton negara yang akan bertanding di persada dunia.”

Those were the words of Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek.

I had written about equal funding to deserving badminton clubs as seen here.

We need to push for a club system in the country - from athletics, badminton to even football.

Now let's see more clubs obtaining funding or some form of recognition from the ministry - only to clubs that have produced results that is.

HD says: Still itching for a game of badminton.


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