Hockey, badminton reinstated in Myanmar Sea Games

", table-tennis and badminton were all re-instated."

Those were the words of Myanmar's sports ministry official Htay Aung as quoted by AFP as the three sports will now be contested at the year end Myanmar Sea Games.

Earlier reports confirmed several Olympic sports were axed from the regional Games as seen here. It caused a lot of dissatisfaction among participating nations.

Kudos to the Olympic Council of Malaysia and their counterparts who fought their case.

However, do expect plenty of fireworks during the Games - especially in football.

Remember the "age manipulation" issue during the AFC Under-22 competition last year? Do read here and here to refresh your memory.

The Harimau Muda A lads will get a clearly picture when they play Myanmar in a friendly match in Yangon on Feb 22.

Oh well...

HD says: The Sea Games should be about the sports and the athletes. Period.


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