'Get your drugs from NSI'

That's basically the advice by middle distance runner P.Yuvaraj to fellow athletes.

Yuvaraj totally understands the frustration of being "robbed" of a win and to be shamed publicly although he was a mere victim or circumstances.

And the best part, Yuvaraj is no dope head.

But the 4x400m quartet who shocked everyone with their gold medal effort at the 2011 Sea Games later hogged the limelight for the wrong reasons after Yuvaraj's team mate Yunus La Salleh tested positive for a banned drug.

"My philosophy is simple... only take medicine approved by the National Sports Institute (NSI). When it doubt, just consult them. It's as simple as that.”

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HD says: By the way, have you received all your money from the IOC scholarship Yuvaraj? #justasking


  1. Absolutely right..good man, Yuvaraj. The strict liability rule makes it imperative for athletes to be careful as they'd be held responsible for any banned substance found in their system. It's part and parcel of being a good athlete to always know what we are taking and that it doesn't contain any banned susbstance all the time. "Pure Performance"

  2. So..what happened to the supplier & doctor & coach from Bulgaria, the middleman in Malaysia and the Office bearers who closed their eyes to all the doping in MAAU. Well they are all back in business with an exception to one who will be back in business very-very soon although told to stay away for 6 years.


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