Shabery supports Tourism Ministry

That must be painful to hear for some the 'little Napoleons' in the Sports Ministry.

Let's recap.

Tourism Ministry visited the BA of Malaysia wanting to lend their support - financially.

BAM said...why not?! (followed by a huge smile, I presume)

Several days back I received a couple of phone calls saying;

"Bro, got some people in KBS upset, saying why Tourism never go through them."

"They upset because they cannot get a cut from the deal issit?"

I cannot verify the answer to the second question but what I do know is Sports Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek gave the thumbs up to the move made by the Tourism Ministry.

Read all about it in today's Mailsports.

HD says: At least the Tourism Ministry's arm was not twisted to sponsoring badminton. Lol!


  1. What! How can Tourism Board do such a thing..when KBS is instrumental in helping BAM in building a Training Centre.This is preposterous my friend Haresh. Since World Championships 2007 never heard Tourism Board wanting to be part of badminton...Elementary Haresh, fret not ... check out what is brewing in the courts related to WC 2007...He He He


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