Now the ball is in our half

UPDATE (2.35pm): Received this email from my good Norweign friend . Here's what he said:

"Ahmad says a FIFA investigating team led by security chief Chris Eaton had “made it very clear that Malaysia was an innocent party” in the scandal. “We are relieved that we have cleared our name but we are now more alert and are taking preventive measures,” Azzuddin said.

They may ask themselves why a poor Zimbabwe team will play a friendly in Malaysia without FAM paying anything for the expenses ?"

Jonny, you read my mind. :)


Three Fifa investigators came, they talked, and they are about to leave for Jakarta in a couple of hours time.

The trio submitted the list of seven Malaysian-registered numbers and names obtained from Wilson Raj Perumal's phone to the Royal Malaysian Police - as published in today's Mailsports.

Oh yes, the FA of Malaysia (FAM) also made sure that head of security Chris Eaton stress - not once but twice - that FAM should not be implicated for the Malaysia-Zimbabwe fiasco in 2009.

"FAM were duped, so were many other countries," Eaton said.

Just as Eaton said that, some officials looked up at me and smile.

And I smiled back, for I believe this is only the beginning.

HD says: :)


  1. This is a depressing problem facing football on both side of the causeway.

    In a time we are trying hard to lure fans back to the stadiums, our "friend" just keep popping up here and there, things cant be help when the relevant guys seems clueless to deal with it..



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