NSC: It's ours

"NSC will give legal notice to everyone that this IPs belonged to the government and that they should acknowledge and take the necessary steps to comply.

The NSC, being a government agency, will take all necessary steps and action against any party that threatens of jeopardise the spirit of this agreement."

That was the response from NSC signed off by organisational development director Suhardi Alias.

FYI: What is a registrable industrial design?

To be registrable an industrial design must be new at the date an application for its registration is filed. A design is considered be new only if it has not been made available or disclosed to the public in any way whatsoever in Malaysia before the filing date of the application and it is not on the record the Register of Designs.

Here's what the other noted sports bloggers have got to say about this:

SS Dhaliwal says: "Getting personal is what this is all about..."

Rizal Hashim's advice to the Sports Minister was "...monitor what NSC is doing la YB...sometimes cannot give people too much freedom maahhhh.."

Jai Ho Malaysia's
BBM was "Don't worry bro. We will fight the battle."

HD says: Thinking of having ayam penyet for lunch. Hmm.


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