NSC, NSI: No compromise

"Pink tablets"?

I remember purchasing - with the help of someone - anabol steroids online. It was called pill 'bintang' and was easily available. This was reported in 2009.

Yesterday, with the help of my first sports editor Johnson Fernandez - who is now back helping the sports desk - I managed to find out that three national sprinters who had initially went AWOL confessed having taken pink tablets for "relaxation and recovery".

And three other athletes have left for Bulgaria - three days ahead of schedule. The Malaysian Amatuer Athletics Union have been keeping suspiciously silent over the matter. Doesn't look good huh.

We don't know if the pink pill is anabol, d-bol or panadol menstrual.

What we do know is that the National Sports Council (NSC) and the National Sports Institute (NSI) are not amused.

I don't blame them.

And as NSI director general Dr Ramlan Aziz rightfully said:

"They have no business taking drugs from anyone except from NSI."

HD says: While writing this, Amy Winehouse's Rehab pops up on my list of songs. What an irony.


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