"I don't know!"

Those were the words uttered by FA of Malaysia (FAM) Vetting, Monitoring and Transparency committee chairman Tan Sri Aseh Che Mat.

I called him - not once but twice - to get his views on what the committee has done in combating claims of match-fixing and bribery among Malaysians. I even sent him an SMS clearly stating my question.

But he denied heading the committee on both occasions - despite having elected during the first executive meeting in August last year (after the July 31 Congress).

I was baffled. I still am.

And I know that several officials in FAM were equally baffled too.

Read page 4 of The Malay Mail today.

For the role of the committee as per Article 58 of the FAM statute (page 39), read here.

HD says: A "not so little bird" in Wisma FAM told me...no wait, in fact a "handful of not so little birds" in Wisma FAM told me that the committee has not met since August. Is that true?????


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