Tido ka?

Mailsports Vijhay Vick wrote about the hazardous conditions at the National Aquatics Center on April 7, 2011 - as seen here.

The following day (April 8, 2011) National Sports Complex (KSN) general manager Wan Nor Azinah Zaniby Wan Hashim said that works to refurbish the National Aquatics Centre will begin in two months as seen here.

Today is May 19. And you get "Damaged flooring will be repaired says NSC chief Zolkples"


HD says: My late father thought me the first thing I should do every morning is read the papers.


  1. ASUM general-sec Edwin Choong revealed only yesterday the KSN GM's team came requested on specifications of materials needed to platforms.

    Memang tido la diorang ni!

  2. Tanya edwin kalau repair pun dia mau training sini ka atau masih nak train kat china sambil buat duit????


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