Will they listen?

I was invited as a guest on Awani Ekstra last night.

And there were several questions from Awani Sports Editor Fadzrie Hazis which were interesting.

One of it was:

Do you think anti-graft posters should be hung all over the stadiums to combat match fixing?

Why not, I answered.

But I was also told that the poster suggestion was brought up in an FA of Malaysia (FAM) meeting but was shot down. Why?

Fadzrie also said:

FAM has been in a state of denial when it comes to match fixing.

Very true, I answered.

And I added: Sadly some officials love smiling in front of the camera, portraying everything is ok when in fact they should admit there is a problem and find a solution.

But I wonder why the need to be ultra defensive?

HD says: I told Fadzrie this on air, we can talk but will they ever listen?


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