Of Hansei and Al-Amin

Hansei in Japanese means self-reflection.

From the Sidelines today centers about accountability, transparency and self-reflection.

To the Japanese, accountability is not about punishment but about learning and doing the right thing.

On the same note, Olympic Council of Malaysia admitted they didn't go through the contents of their "sponsorship agreement" with Telekom Malaysia - published in today's The Malay Mail.

That aside, I had recently congratulated Muhamed Al-Amin Abdul Majid over his new role as BA of Malaysia (BAM) deputy president.

Here was his reply:

Tq. For d record, its not an appointment. it was elected n it was unanimous.

And without wasting anytime, he vows to develope more Lee Chong Weis of the future. Read here.

FYI, al-Amin in arabic means the faithful.

HD says: Arabic is a beautiful language so is Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram.


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