World No 1 Lee Chong Wei (pic) has decided to "ditch" 100Plus for a better offer. I wouldn't blame him.

Word has it that the Penangite has been offered four times the sponsorship deal with 100Plus. For the record, his contract with 100Plus ended recently.

Chong Wei goes for big bucks eh?

But there is also news that 100Plus isn't the only one Chong Wei has ditched recently. Go figure.

HD says: My neighbour Mr Lim, a hardcore Chong Wei fan, was the one who alerted me about the words 100Plus missing from Chong Wei's bottle during the Malaysian Open GP at Alor Star recently.


  1. This is a typical gutter sport reporting! What is so wrong for a successful athlete securing better sponsorship deals? Commercial brands are always on the lookout to be associated with winning athletes.
    Dey Deol, write positive comments la.

  2. will he go for POWERADE by coca-cola ?

  3. Nothing wrong in securing better sponsorships at all. But never forget or try to be grateful to the sponsors who supported you when you were up and coming and were in dire need of funds. Besides, greed can lead to your downfall. Also beware of all the sponsors who try to cash in when you are successful. The higher one gets, the harder the fall gets - always remember that!


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