Astro dah bayar...

...not all but they have started paying their sponsorship commitment to the FA of Malaysia (FAM).

So the national body has money in its coffers.

The referees claim FAM were proactive and paid half of their April salary right after raising the matter at the exco meeting recently. Kudos FAM.

The referees now hope all hutang will be paid by the end of the month. There's a silver lining for the men in black after all.

And to set the record straight - Astro paid RM3 million (out of goodwill before contract was finalised) followed by RM12 million (once contract details sorted out not too long ago).

Astro is scheduled to channel another RM7.5 million to FAM by the end of the month.

HD says:
Referee bolehlah prepare utk raya eh :)


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