Blow for free

That was the headline thought by Mailsport editor Mustapha Kamaruddin when he read the story.

For obvious reasons, that was not used.

Instead the back-page story for today is Men in Black see red.

M-League referees have not been paid for the past three months!

Pahang and Sarawak owe referees in 2009 as well.

So the next time you want to shout "referee bodoh or referee kayu", think again.

And the front page story today is about a temporary state school sports excellence center without a field!

What Sports Hub?

And apparently RM5 million was allocated for the center at Jalan Maran.

And my take on this year's Super League - a Super Disappointment!

HD says: Some claim no money, some got so much money to waste. I wonder...


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