Singaporean dilemma

damn stupid decision,
bring money there to get abused !!!
i can already hear "Singapore Kayu !"

Posted by: stevk1368 at Wed Jul 13 08:56:06 SGT 2011

Totally agree with stev1368 & redlatern, no matter how screwed-up our own league is, NEVER go back to M-League.
Serious lack of Integrity & shame by those "Management" in FAS ...
p/s : I was also an ardent fans of the old days, but really sicked of being treated like ****, just like how their politicians treated Singaporeans !!!!!

Posted by: Tankee99 at Wed Jul 13 09:00:28 SGT 2011

The above were some of the comments taken from Singapore's Asia One article here.

I'm guessing the Singaporeans are not too keen over the deal as seen here.

From the Sidelines speaks about the Singaporean dilemma in today's Mailsport here.

HD says: As I told the Singaporean Press yesterday, it's too soon to judge.


  1. Hi Haresh,

    Saw your earlier entry... I am still struggling to come to term with the news, while trying to assess my thoughts ... Coming down on 23rd?


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